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The Sacred Roots Gift Bundle

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As winter draws its cloak around us, we are invited to slow down, go inwards, dig in our roots and draw upon the earth energy to sustain us through the winter months. It is a time to nurture ourselves inwardly in preparation for the outward growth of Spring and Summer. It is when we want to curl up beside the fire, underneath a soft blanket with a good book and drink something warm and soothing.

Combining the healing powers of reishi and chaga mushrooms with the heart-opening, nutritional gifts of Cacao, we have created this delicious hot chocolate blend Sacred Roots to support you from the within. Chaga and Reishi have been used for centuries to naturally boost your immune system and well as delicately balance your hormones. When combined with organic cacao, you get a truly magical drink that is absolutely delicious. 

For Christmas, this year, we wanted to make it extra special. So, we partnered with a local potter who lovingly hand made us her 'Herb, Hedgerow and Fern beakers' to go with your 500ml jar of Sacred Roots. The are simply remarkable and a beautiful addition to your morning or evening routine. Each Gift bundle comes wrapped in a box with organic hemp string and a gorgeous wooden burned gift tag, making it easy for you to simply give your gift to our beloved. 

Here's what Jane has to say about her mugs:

The Herb, Hedgerow and Fern beakers are quite simply inspired by the natural beautiful countryside around Holt in Wiltshire, where they are crafted by hand from slabs of clay by Jane Scott.  The hedgerow beakers show foraged plants from a favourite dog walk, including the seed heads from sheep’s parsley and a variety of grasses.  The Herb beakers have sage, chive flower heads and rosemary all harvested from Jane’s garden and the fern beaker is quite simply the magnificent spine-like structure of a fern unfurling. 

The work is made from a lovely biscuity clay with natural iron speckles and clothed with a wash of creamy pale slip to reveal the botanical texture and maintain a sense of bare natural beauty.  The beakers are a natural fired clay textured finish exterior and glossy smooth glazed interior.  Jane is passionate about reducing her carbon footprint in the pottery and therefore all the beakers are ‘raw glazed’ with a transparent glaze - this means that it has only had a single firing, not the usual two firings to be produced, making it the most eco friendly pottery you can buy!
We have also added a little mini-whisk to make your gift even more special. 
The Sacred Roots Gift Bundle makes the perfect Christmas gift for someone you love or your beautiful and sacred self. 

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Customer Reviews

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Sheila Allan
Sacred Roots Treat

As I’ve commented below I love Sacred Roots, I use one teaspoon dissolved in hot water and frothed oat milk. The bundle was beautifully packaged and the design of the simple beaker is very nice. I have done a little ceramic work myself so could see how it had been formed. Disappointedly had I made this particular beaker I would have kept it as a second to us for pens or something, it would not have passed my personal quality control as it was so misshapen. I witherefore didn’t use the Bundle as a gift as planned. I will enjoy the Sacred Roots and the beaker is in its box in a cupboard. I should have sent it back but that is a bit problematic at the moment.

Sonia Hunt
Sacred Roots Healing Chocolate

Divine, delicious, rich power-house of a drink!
I love mine made with almond milk and it tastes fantastic.
What an enjoyable way to have the health giving ingredients!
Thank you Sweet Bee for another amazing product!