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Best Seller Bundle

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We wanted to think of a way to give you all of our best sellers together for an AMAZING low cost. So we bundled up our best sellers all on in one package and are giving you a HUGE £24 discount! 

Treat yourself or someone you love to our beautiful bundle. In it you will receive:

  • 500g jar of Sacred Roots Healing ChocolateCombining the healing powers of reishi and chaga mushrooms with the heart-opening, nutritional gifts of Cacao, we have created this delicious hot chocolate blend Sacred Roots to nourish you from within.
  • 200ml Bottle of Winter Wellness Elderberry Elixir- our most popular healing product. We use a HUGE concentration of elderberry and blend it with turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, rosemary, clove and raw honey to give you a delicious and powerful immune booster that you and your children can enjoy each and every day to keep you well. OR 200ml Bottle of Springtime Soother- this is our popular Springtime Blend. It has a HUGE dose of Vitamin C and also season herbs to help with itchiness and sneezing. It's a great immune booster for Spring. 
  • 120g jar of Sweet Sleep Magnesium Butter-This is our second most popular product because of how well it works. We make our own magnesium oil and blend it with other nourishing, organic oils to make a beautiful sleep balm. Rub this on your or your children's feet before bed and watch them blissfully drift off to sleep. 
  • 500g jar of Sweet Little Detox-This is perfect to use right before bed and can be used by you or your children. We use magnesium and the world's best clays to gently help you detox heavy metals and other toxins which can contribute to sleeplessness and ailments. We use organic lavender to give Sweet Little Detox a lovely, relaxing scent. 

Give this bundle to yourself or someone you love and relax your way through life.  

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Sweet Bee products

I am so impressed with the products I’ve already reordered


Great customer service. Lovely products, thank you!

Best Seller Bundle

I’ve used the Sweet Detox, Sweet Sleep cream and Healing Roots drink so far and I’m impressed. The bath detox is the perfect way to wind down in the evening followed by the Healing Roots and Sweet Sleep cream. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the drink as I’m not a fan of mushrooms but it tastes like a Chai Steamer coffee, very earthy and warming. The bath detox rinses away with no issues of staining and I apply the Sweet Sleep cream an hour before bed and have found it works brilliantly for myself and my children. I’ll definitely be buying all of these again in the larger sizes. Delivery was fast and communication was excellent.

Good quality

I have only recently started these products so can’t really leave an informed review. I can say that they are all of high quality and really enjoying using them 😊


Lovely items