About us

Sweet Bee Organics is born out of a life lived.

It’s been quite a journey, but every step has sewn a new seed. We look to the rhythm of the seasons, everyday experiences, our Sweet Bee community, and the changing world around us for inspiration. Life is our muse.

Our products are lovingly made for every moment in a woman’s life. From motherhood to menopause, we harness the riches that nature offers, like the magic of magnesium to help us sleep and the soothing power of mushrooms to heal our bodies – nature is our teacher.

And we’re still learning, so there’s lots more to come. For us, word of mouth is the most powerful testament to the success of our products. Sweet Sleep became a cult product thanks to people like you, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

We do what we do to make you feel good. To embrace the artistry of nature. And most importantly, to provide nourishment, inside and out.