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Get Completely Well..all of our Products in one Bundle

£191.89 £239.87

This is the ULTIMATE bundle! 

Get ALL of our beautiful products in one bundle and save a whopping £47.98!! This bundle will see you through all year round.

This is a truly special gift for you or someone you love. Included in this bundle we have:

  • 500ml jar of our Sweet Little Detox Bath to gently detox your body whilst soaking in a nice, hot bath. 
  • 120ml jar of our most popular product Sweet Sleep. Ease yourself into a beautiful sweet, deep sleep whilst getting your much needed dose of magnesium. 
  • 60ml jar of our Sacred Skin-African Black Soap Cleanser. We are so very proud of this amazing cleaner. It is beautifully balance and amazing for everywhere on your body. 
  • 100ml bottle of our Pure Protection- This comes in two intoxicating scents: Bergamot, Lemon & Basil and Cinnamon & Sweet Orange.
  • 250ml jar of our Sweet Sacred Feminine Vaginal Steam. Give yourself the utmost in care and honour your sacred femininity with our beautiful blend of herbs to gently steam your sacred yoni. 
  • 120ml jar of our Sweet Bee Original Sunscreen.
  • 30ml bottle of our famous Sacred Skin Face Serum. This is our favourite product because it allows your skin to truly glow and smell like heaven!
  • 250ml jar of our Sacred Roots Healing Chocolate. This is a beautiful immune booster as it is filled with immune boosting mushrooms, but tastes like the most delicious hot chocolate. A true medicine for the body and soul. 
  • 120m jar of our Pure Pits Armpit Detox. Trouble switching to a natural deodorant or just a bit smelly all the time? This will be your best friend!
  • Your choice of either a 200m bottle of Springtime Soother-which is a immune boosting blend of nettle, elderflower, apricot and a high dose of Vitamin C- OR a 200ml bottle of Winter Wellness- using elderberry and other immune boosting goodies to help you feel your best. 

Get yours today and truly honour you or the one you love. 

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