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The Pure Pits Bundle

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Finally, there is a natural deodorant system that actually works!

How many times have you tried switching to a natural deodorant only to find that they don't work? You still smell and then decide to give up and go back to your conventional deodorant even though it's full of ingredients that are not great for your body. 

At Sweet Bee Organics, we have created a system to help you switch to a natural deodorant. 

First, start with our Pure Pits Arm Pit Detox. This is brilliant as it gently draws out toxins and unclogs your pores and your lymph system under your arms. By detoxing first (we suggest detoxing for 20 minutes a day for 7 days), your under arms are then prepared to use a natural deodorant. 

We created Pure Pits Organic Deodorant to work perfectly with Pure Pits Armpit Detox, so after your detox you have the most wonderful aluminium-free and bicarbonate of soda free deodorant to use, which will keep you smelling fresh all day long. 

They are perfect for both men and women and both jars will last quite a long time. 

We bundled these two wonderful products together to save you money as well. So get yours today!!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Hester Sonander
It works!

I have had to use the strongest antiperspirant deodorant on the market most of my life. I tried several natural ones, none of which worked. I have now used this detox for a week, then started using the deodorant and it works. It is such a relief. The odour does comes through in the morning, after a night's sleep, but completely disappears when I apply the deodorant. I use about the size of half a pea per arm. Truly amazing.

Helene Raybould
Pure pits review

I tried the pure pits to see whether I would need to use the charcoal detox first, but it worked straight away, nice soft smell & easy to just rub into the skin, it changes texture dependent on temperature- but I can just scrape a little with my nail when harder & then it softens when rub on warm skin! Will see what like in the summer weather. I’m a fitness instructor & it lasts through a sweaty class well.

Kind of works...

I bought this as I don't like using deos with chemicals and have been using a natural one for a couple of years now. However, I was really excited about this one and I am not super impressed. It kind of works, but I have to use a lot more than I thought I needed. Maybe I need to keep going for another week or so. I am always going to prefer natural products.

Pure Pits Bundle

I use 2 teaspoons of the Armpit Detox and mix with apple cider vinegar until I get the consistency of thick yogurt and apply to clean, dry armpits and leave on for 15 minutes until dry and wipe off with a warm flannel. I’ve found that this has helped the deodorant work much better. I’m quite fussy with natural deodorants but this one works for me and doesn’t irritate my skin. Will buy again.

Ana Ricardo
Pure Pits Bundle

Absolutely Marvelous and extremely effective. Natural smell and natural ingredients make these products outstanding!