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The Self Love Gift Bundle

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Give the gift of self-love this Christmas

Self love, we hear a lot about it. At Sweet Bee we gave this a lot of thought and carefully curated a gift bundle that is the ultimate in self care. 

We have added:

Sacred Skin African Black Soap Face Cleanser-this cleanser is one of our most loved products and SO special. We combine African Black Soap (which is an age-old African beauty secret) with nourishing oils, clay and essential oils to bring you an oil based face cleanser that actually foams and is down right gorgeous! It is perfect for every skin type. 

Sacred Skin Face Serum-the perfect combination to our Face Cleanser, Sacred Skin Face Serum is a stunning blend of oils that instantly brightens and refreshes your skin. It smell heavenly and with continued use will help the texture of your skin. 

Sweet Sacred Feminine Vaginal Steam-give your most sacred space the nourishment that it deserves. Steaming is an ancient practice that allows women to take the time to sit and be with herself. We use the perfect blend of herbs to make your steaming experience extra special. Women who use our steam have found they have less dryness, less tearing and all around better feeling yoni. 

Sweet Smooch Lip Balm-this isn't your ordinary balm. We infuse extra nourishing oils for 24 hours with organic wild flower and then carefully blend this with the amazing avocado butter to make a balm that is absolutely delicious and SOO effective! 

We then added a free gift with this bundle, which is our brand new Intention Candle. We have slow infused the wax with organic rose, then blended this with frankincense to make a beautiful and feminine candle hand-made for you to set your own intention for the new year. 

This bundle is designed to show someone you love how important it is to take care of themselves. It is the ultimate in pampering. Please, don't forget your beautiful self this Christmas as well. 

This bundle is already packaged for you in a beautiful gift box, tied with organic hemp string and a wooden gift tag etched with our logo and a to and from on the other side, making this so easy to give. :) 

We added these gorgeous product and gave you 20% off as well. We hope whomever receives this loves it so very much!

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