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Children's Rest & Wellness Bundle

Children's Rest & Wellness Bundle

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A bundle curated to fully support your child's rest and wellbeing.


Give your children the best products to support the

with their rest and wellbeing 

This time of year, we start to see all the bugs coming out play. Our children start to become run down, tired and their immune systems can take a dip. At Sweet Bee, we encourage you to support your child's circadian rhythms as well as their immune system to give them the best Autumn and Winter. We have created this bundle specifically for children to keep them feeling their best. We are offering these 4 products when bundled together at 20% off  AND we have added 2 FREE 30ml Sweet Sleep Magnesium Butters so you can share the Sweet Sleep love with those closest to you. 

In this bundle, you will find:

  • Winter Wellness Elderberry Elixir (200ml)
  • Sacred Roots Warming Cacao with coconut Sugar (250ml)
  • Sweet Sleep Magnesium Butter (120ml)
  • Sweet Little Detox Bath (500ml)
  • 2 FREE Sweet Sleep Magnesium Butters (30ml)-to share

We suggest you use the products in the bundle in a specific way: 

Upon waking: 1 teaspoon of Winter Wellness Elderberry ElixirA delicious, vitamin-rich natural elixir which contains Elderberry to help you and your little ones stay well, by boosting the immune system and helping to fight off colds and flu.

During breakfast or just after: Sacred Roots Hot Chocolate. Ideally, if you can sit outside with your child and enjoy watching the sunrise. The daylight first thing in the morning is amazing at regulating you and your child's melatonin production. Sacred Roots is a delicious nutritional powerhouse of goodness, with Reishi mushrooms to support your children’s sleep, immunity boosting Chaga and a host of other wellness-enhancing ingredients.

20 minutes before bed: Sweet Sleep Magnesium Butter. Our best loved product, this soothing butter is rich in magnesium - an ingredient that is essential to restful sleep, but which most of us are deficient in. Rub a little onto your child’s feet and watch as they drift into peaceful sleep.

1-2 times per week: Sweet Little Detox Bath. Ease your children into a blissful sleep with this magical bathtime blend of magnesium citrate, organic lavender, and the world’s best detoxifying clays. (Particularly helpful for those with ASD.)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Great products very happy with my purchase

Sue H. (Worksop, GB)
A great introduction to Sweet Bee as a first time customer.

I bought this bundle for myself, mainly because it contains the four products I most wanted to try from the range. It is not just for children, really! (I'm 68). The parcel arrived really quickly and was well packaged. I have enjoyed using all the products and would certainly order again, especially if the value of this selection remained as good! I think Sweet Bee are a very special company and deserve our support! Thank you.

Julie M. (Accrington, GB)

Still not received my package . Only thing I have received after the money leaving my bank account , is sorry 😣

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