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Pure Protection Water-Free Hand Cleanser

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It's finally here and in two amazing scents. 

We have been endeavouring to find an organic, natural hand sanitiser based on plant power and we're really struggling. So, we decided to get to the lab and create our own that we felt comfortable using every day and smelled great, too. 

Et, voila!! We created PURE PROTECTION!!

We developed a gorgeous and nourishing hand sanitiser that you can feel confident using every day. We blend pure grain alcohol with witch hazel, vegetable glycerin, and organic essential oils giving Pure Protection a 70% alcohol by volume. What does this mean? It means it will get rid of those germs! 

We have two scents. Our bergamot, lemon and basil has a citrus zip to it. It has a nice light and clean smell. We chose bergamot because it has one of the highest anti-microbial properties of all essential oils. 

Next, we have our Sweet Orange and Cinnamon scent. This is has a sweet and homely feel to it. Cinnamon, once again, has amazing anti-microbial properties, so it is great at killing viruses and bacteria. 

This isn't your ordinary hand sanitiser. We are using only TOP quality ingredients because your skin is your biggest organ and absorbs everything you put on it. So, it is vital to non-toxic products. 

This comes in a spray bottle making it easy to spray on your hands whenever you need to. 


Customer Reviews

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Hand protection

Smells beautiful and nice on hands .

Not the fragrance for me

Sorry, Love your other products, but this one is not for me. Quite a masculine fragrance !! The texture is good but not the fragrance ...everyone is different though so.... !!

Great product

Smells and feels lovely, very easy to use.

Hand cleanser

I really do love this. I prefer the lavender one and as I’m partially sighted it would be cool to make the wording larger

PureProtection hand sanitiser

Bought this last year when covid first struck, still using it today - lovely scent and not drying out my skin - keep checking the level to see if I need to buy it again yet, but no not yet - very happy customer