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Inner Wisdom Balance

Inner Wisdom Balance

141 total reviews

A warming drink that harnesses the power of functional mushrooms to help ease the ups and downs of hormonal shifts

  • Helps balance hormones
  • Antioxidant rich
  • Brings mental clarity
  • Alleviates hot flushes
  • Calms irritability
  • Boosts energy levels

Balance. The holy grail of wellbeing

In the ebb and flow of life, our hormones shift and change like the tides. During perimenopause and menopause, we can feel out of sync with ourselves and disconnected from our own inner wisdom. This is made for those moments.

Mushrooms are known for their ability to help naturally balance the highs and lows of hormonal shifts, as well as providing other benefits for your wellbeing. We worked closely with a leading mycologist to formulate Inner Wisdom Balance using a considered blend of 7 functional mushrooms with vanilla, nutmeg, roasted chicory root, wild yam root and a sprinkling of organic coconut sugar. 

The result feels a little like a hug in a mug. So whether you enjoy a morning pick-me-up or a warming afternoon treat,  give body and mind a little boost with the power of functional mushrooms.


Alleviates brain fog and memory issuesLion's Mane mushroom is known for its ability to improve clarity of thought.

Boosts immune system – Coriolis aka Turkey Tail has great immune boosting properties and have been used in Asian cultures to help with diverse diseases.
Chaga, a superfood, is used to boost the immune and circulatory systems.

Anti-aging + pro libido – Cordyceps are amazing little powerhouses said to deliver oxygen to the body  increase immunity, strengthen libido amongst other amazing benefits.

Alleviates menopausal symptoms: Reishi mushroom extract and spore powder is respected in the East for its ability to improve energy levels, balance hormones and minimise hot flashes. Taken in small doses, studies reveal that it may also help reduce insomnia and promote natural sleep cycles.

Calms nervous system – the Maitake mushroom has long been used in the East for helping to calm the nervous system. Many women use it to help with hot flushes, irritability, and sleep issues. 

Soothes hormonal imbalance – Wild Yam Root is known to help the body with oestrogen imbalances because it contains diosgenin, a phytoestrogen or plant substance that has oestrogen-type effects. 

Promotes vascular health – Purple Corn Extract is bursting with antioxidants, so naturally anti-ageing and known to support vascular health. 

Source of inulin, manganese, + Vitamin B6 – Chicory Root not only gives a delicious marshmallowy latte taste minus the caffeine, it’s loaded with vitamins and minerals


Place 1-2 tablespoons of balance in mug, warm about 250ml of your choice of milk to just below boiling. add just a small splash of milk into the mixture and stir or whisk to make a paste. Then slowly incorporate the rest of the milk. Sip slowly, breathe deep, and enjoy!

Or place 1-2 tablespoons of Balance in a saucepan, then add 250ml of of your choice of milk then heat until it is drinking temperature all whilst whisking or stirring.


  • Chicory Root Powder
  • Coconut Sugar
  • Reishi Extract Powder
  • Reishi Spore Powder
  • Chaga Extract Powder
  • Lion's Mane Fruiting body Powder
  • Maitake Extract Powder
  • Coriolus Extract Powder
  • Cordyceps Extract Powder*
  • Wild Yam Root Powder
  • Purple Corn Powder
  • Vanilla Powder
  • Nutmeg


Mix 1-2 tbsp with a splash of your preferred milk to make a paste. Warm 250ml of milk to just below boiling and mix into paste.

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Transforming the way we care for ourselves and the natural world

Ethical by nature

For us, sourcing the finest quality organic ingredients is a given. This means finding leading expert local producers that share our belief in the healing power of plants. It also means following the highest UK organic cosmetic standards to show our heartfelt commitment to caring for people, animals and the planet.


When should you take Inner Wisdom-Balance?

Most people use it as a coffee replacement, so drink it in the morning. However, you can also drink Inner Wisdom-Balance any time of day.

Does Inner Wisdom have caffeine?

No, Inner Wisdom is caffeine free and will not give you any jitters.

Customer Reviews

Based on 141 reviews
Teena (Harrow, GB)
Amazing drink

I have been drinking this in the morning with little coffee and oat milk, it is simply amazing taste and for wellbeing.
It would be great to know the vitamins and mineral content of this powder.

Susannah B. (Bristol, GB)
Real benefits

I am 7 years post menopause and continuing to experience changes in my body. I have taken many supplements but very few have had a noticeable effect. Inner Wisdom is one of them. I notice I have excellent levels of energy and clarity, my digestion is now excellent and my sleep is deeper and longer. Wonderful! Thank you x

Leanne S. (Sunderland, GB)

I’ve just started drinking inner wisdom balance this week so maybe it’s to early to see the benefits (probably not helpful that I’m full of cold) but I seem to be craving this first thing in the morning, I have 1.5 tsp with hot water, really enjoy the taste, I’m addicted.


Love 🥰

Joy (Welwyn Garden City, GB)
Inner Wisdom Balance

Is it ok for women in the 70’s to take please?

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