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Sacred Skin Face Serum


Stop, honour yourself and your sacred skin.

This little 30ml bottle is pure heaven. It literally smells like heaven. With the combination of organic frankincense and neroli, it will take you to your happy place all whilst nurturing and hydrating your beautiful face and chest.

We take some of the worlds most hydrating and skin nourishing oils and blend them together to give you a luxurious face and chest serum. 

Directions: Place 4-5 drops in your hands, rub and then inhale the delightful smell of frankincense and neroli. Stop and breathe it in for a moment, then gently massage your face in an upward motion and do the same for your chest. Watch your inner-glow come alive on your skin. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Amazing smelling and effective face treat

I’ve been trying to find something my face finds friendly, and this serum seems to be a good option so far! Such a sweet and rich smell (absolutely nothing like engine oil I read in another review!), and it glides onto my skin leaving no greasy residue. My skin feels softer and supple and I would recommend anyone giving it a go for themselves if they have older, slightly stressed skin.

Nice product

I thought it was a lovely product but not noticing much improvement in my skin

Sacred Skin Face Serum

I love this Serum, although the smell is, slightly different to the first bottle I had, I just wondered if it is usual to vary slightly?

Smells like engine oil

I'm sorry to say that I find the smell off putting. I received this and always tend to smell things before I use them. I find the smell like engine oil and can't bare to put it anywhere near my face as I will be smelling it all the time and will make me nauseous. Sorry but I can not grow to love this

Balm in a bottle

I love the way the serum melts into my skin without any stickiness or greasiness. I noticed increased hydration and calm in my skin instantly and the smell is just heavenly!