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Sweet Sacred Feminine Herbal Vaginal Steam

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Let your inner-divine shine!

Vaginal steaming is a nourishing women’s healing practice, also known as yoni steaming, bajos, chai-yok. This is an ancient tradition around the world for vaginal health, wellness and connection. Steaming is an opportunity to reconnect with your body and plant medicine wisdom whilst maintaining uterine health. The warm steam and healing properties of this herbal blend is absorbed by your tissues and enters our sacred yoni, to nourish her. This warm soothing experience holds space for meditation and a sense of wholeness from acknowledging the wonder and taking care of our Sacral Chakra.  


We have intentionally chosen a blend of herbs that invite nuturing properties, as well as self-love, relaxation and protection. We offer this blend and custom for you to reconnect with your ancestors and sacred goddess through this nourishing practice.


Directions: Place 4 tablespoons your Sweet Sacred Feminine herbal blend in a ceramic or wooden bowl. If you wish, bless the herbs with healing intentions. Bring water almost to boil. Remove from heat and pour over the “tea” in your bowl. Place a cover on top to allow it to brew as well as cool down to about 80 degree centigrade (like a drinkable cup of tea).

While you are waiting, take the time to create a healing, quite space where you can be comfortable for 20-30 minutes. It is suggested to change into a skirt and find a towel or blankets you can wrap yourself in.

Once the “tea” is not too hot but still steaming, kneel on the floor so you can sit on the back on your heels, uncover and place the bowl under your yoni, it may be comfortable to place pillow on either side of your knees or on your heels. Then, place your skirt under your knees and feet creating a chamber of nourishing steam beneath you. If you would like, wrap yourself in blankets to create a heat effect. Relax and invited thoughts of self-love and care. This is time to nourish your innermost self.

The jar is 250mls, so in a jar, you should get 10 steams.  

Do NOT use a metal bowl and please make sure your steam is the temperature of a warm tea, not boiling hot. 

Customer Reviews

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Sweet Sacred Feminine Herbal Vaginal Steam

Smells divine

I’d give it a 5 star if you could get more than 3 steams out of one jar 🙏 but it is very calming and feeling fresh as a daisy and super clean after the 30 minute steam 🌺

Simply a must for every woman

Having purchased this for the first time and been aware of it as an ancient practise, I was was most eager to experience it and I can honestly say I was not disappointed.

It was very soothing and healing and it felt quite special to be able to experience such a practise with a product of such high quality and attention to detail.

Will definitely be making a ‘brew’ on a regular basis.

Soothing and restorative

After a vaginal hysterectomy my yoni was battered and in shock. This lovely product has helped her to relax, and heal and return to normal

Herbal Vaginal Steam

Since experiencing menopause and consequential changes in the body my vaginal skin tears very easily causing pain and discomfort. This herbal vaginal steam has healed these tears within two days. I’ve also recognised the need to pay more attention and care of this sacred part of my body. Thank you for making this product and your consideration for the environment in the process.